Tim Eshö

“This is my story”

My former boss considered me to be an outstanding employee, which led to me being promoted twice within a two-year period. My coworkers know me for my relentless dedication and exceptional database domain expertise. Members of my team have repeatedly commended my mentorship, professionalism and technical leadership. Those closest to me and professional acquaintances alike consider me to be filled with drive, focus and fondness for making an impact.

I started my database career by successfully convincing a high-level IT manager at a major bank to take me on as a contractor for an important data migration project. Despite having no proven experience at the time, I was not only successful in completing the project but delivered the six-month project in just three months. This single experience helped define the next 16 years of my career, having by now developed a zeal for trying and learning new things.

Taking on new challenges is what drives me to this day – passion is what has fueled my career. Perhaps more importantly, my understanding of people has made me an inspirational leader.

On June 30th, 2013, I was laid off from my full-time job due to an outsourcing deal, though I was hand-selected to stay on with the outsourcer. Today, I am an independent contractor working in an advisory role and leading a team of onshore and offshore database administrators.

In my spare time, I have a fondness for anything on two-wheels especially if it has a throttle and a clutch. Travelling to tropical destinations helps both broaden my horizons and rejuvenate me – temporarily escaping the cold of Canada is also a bonus. I also love nothing more than taking part in local attractions, events, festivals and culinary experiences.

My latest project is Boon + Perk – Predictive Virtual Assistant Services using Artificial and Human Intelligence. 

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